Back to roots

Herbs growing in Armenia have replaced doctors, especially surgeons, for centuries. To fight against various diseases, people drank herbal infusions, and plant owners put leaves on the wounds to heal them quickly. We want to go back to our roots by offering our Phytotea.

3125 Parur Sevak 4, Gyumri, Armenia


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About our copmany

Start-up of Phyotea is creating by students of Biotechnology  within   AbioNET Erasmus+ project. Now we can present our products which consists  only herbs. All raw materials for the production are hand picked by the local community people in ecologically clean regions of Armenia. The technology uses both old and modern methods of processing and sorting of raw materials.

Phytotea anti stress
This is a herbal tea which consist diverse herbs of Shirak region such as Chamomile and Immortal
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Herbal tea

We offer herbal tea without GMO. You can  improve your  health and calm the nerves with a good alternative for traditional treatment. 

Phytotea for regulation of blood pressure

25gr for  1.5 

Phytotea for anti stress

100 gr for 6 

Pyhtotea for gift

2 packages for 4.5